It’s Really Hard to Get Married in Italy.

I am only 23 years old and now I am thinking of getting married. Most of my friends are married. I’ve been in a relationship so far. The room never liked me and left. Many of my girlfriends got married and mixed with kids and now I want to love and be loved like them. And when I see them, I feel sad like staying at home.

But I can’t find the right person. Or am I doing something wrong somewhere? I hope I find the right path and meet me the right person and gentlemen that I will marry and be happy. No one said let’s meet. I have no bad habits. I’m at home 24/7 and watching TV 🙂 I want to get married before it’s too late. Now I want to spend time with real people and build a life together for my future I want to leave the house I want to breathe I want to walk into the future with my wife I want to have a joyful time I am waiting for your message

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