I am a student, I am thinking of getting married

If you say I seriously want to get married, why are you thinking about such a thing, now my friends can get married while reading it. I want to continue my education and get married. Between the ages of 23-26 who are seriously considering getting married, it doesn’t matter if they live in Istanbul, it doesn’t matter. I’m a student at Istanbul University.

The person I will marry is a working person and I prefer to have a house. My intention is serious, please do not disturb me for vain works. I don’t write because I’m bored, so serious married people write.

I need a very caring, loyal and mature man to trust my heart, someone who will trust and love me as much as I love and trust him. I look at the physical type, it is the feelings and emotions for me that are important.

İlan sahibi en son 14 saat önce aktifti kendisine gizli mesaj gönderebilirsiniz. (GİZLİ MESAJ GÖNDER)