I Want To Make Friends With Someone Seriously


Let me tell you a little about myself; We are currently living with my family due to my father’s job. I am currently residing in France. As an ambitious individual, I follow my passion for Computer Programming as a student. I take great pleasure in creating innovative solutions through code, and this enthusiasm has fueled my determination to excel in my field.

Alongside academics and coding, I believe in nurturing a well-rounded life. As I engage in a variety of hobbies, I find solace in discovering the fascinating art of photography and capturing moments that tell stories beyond words. Additionally, I value hiking, which allows me to connect deeply with the wonders of nature. I am looking for someone who embraces these interests, appreciates the beauty of life, and is open to new experiences.

On the way to looking for a life partner, I value some core values. Integrity, trust, and respect form the foundation of any relationship I envision. Because I believe effective communication creates a strong bond, I miss a companion who shares her thoughts openly and sincerely. I also value a kind heart and a caring spirit that understands the importance of empathy and support.

For me, marriage symbolizes a lifelong commitment, the journey of two souls intertwined with love and friendship. I dream of building a home filled with warmth, laughter and shared dreams. My desire to create a loving family and embrace the joys of parenthood knows no bounds.

I am looking for a like-minded partner who shares my enthusiasm for life, academia and the pursuit of happiness. Together, we can support and encourage each other along the way, hand in hand through life’s ups and downs.

If you resonate with these aspirations and seek a meaningful connection based on love and respect, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s embark on this beautiful journey together by discovering the magic of togetherness and building a life full of satisfaction and happiness.

I want to marry.



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