I Want to Find Friends to Marry İf Possible

Hello! I do not want to state my name and age, but I am a female living in America. I am an airline professional and I am looking for a partner who will add meaning to my life. Here are the features and criteria I’m looking for:

For me, marriage is a union full of love, harmony and mutual support. Loyalty, honesty and respect are core values in my relationship. I am looking for a relationship where we can trust each other.

Due to my job, I enjoy traveling and discovering new places. Therefore, I expect my partner to also have an adventurous spirit and be willing to explore the world together.

At the same time, I’m looking for a relationship where I can fit in with someone who cares about their career like me. I want my wife to be a hardworking and successful person who can focus on her own goals.

If you are looking for a loving relationship that will add meaning to my life, please give my post a chance. I am happy to take steps to build a future full of mutual support, where we will collect beautiful memories together.

I invite you to apply as a partner who has goals of their own, loves to travel and will make our lives together more meaningful. I wish that we take steps to open a new page in our lives together and move forward on the path of marriage.

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