I Want To Have a Happy Future

Hello! As a woman living in Germany, I am looking for a wife with whom I can share my life. I am writing this ad to express my personal characteristics and my dream suitors.

I want to get married because marriage is a step towards making my life more meaningful and special. I would like to sincerely state that I am a housewife and I embrace this role. Loyalty, honesty and understanding are at the top of the traits I look for.

Talking about myself, I am a 30 year old lady and have a loving heart. I am a person who cares about family values and I am always ready to support my loved ones. Likewise, I expect from my future wife someone who respects family values and can make good memories together.

By writing this ad, I would like to state that I am looking for a wife who will add meaning to my life and with whom I can share a lifetime of happiness. Marriage is expressed in English as “marriage” and I would like to state that I am looking for a union with this meaning.

If you are looking for a relationship full of love, loyalty and understanding, please consider my posting. I am happy to openly present my heart to you.