I’m 26 Years Old, I’m a Widower, I Want to Get Married

Greetings, I got married before, in short, I married a relative because of my family’s debts. I’m with my family now and it’s been a year since we broke up. Everyone thought I had a happy marriage, but I got married because of my family’s financial problems. This marriage was partly because of my family’s pressure and partly because of my ignorance. My mother-in-law and mother started to want grandchildren all the time and I didn’t want to get close to my wife because I married someone I didn’t love. I was able to persuade him by constantly voicing that I was uncomfortable. My marriage lasted 2 years and now I have no contact with him and his family for 1 year. I am with my family and away from my own family, my family tried to disrupt my life. I want to be friends online with humane people I can love and trust. My goal is to get married and stay loyal to my home and my wife. Please do not reach for other purposes.

I am looking for a respectful, loyal and happy wife, regardless of the criteria I want from my wife.

i am 26 years old i have my own house and a decent job i live alone i live in luxembourg looking for the owner of my confident heart find the love we can live with together

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