I am 25 years old, I want to get married

Greetings, I had a previous marriage, in short, because of my family’s debts, I married a close relative of ours. I’m with my family now and it’s been a year since we broke up. Everyone thought that I got married happily, but I got married because of my family’s financial difficulties. This marriage happened with a little pressure from my family, partly because of my ignorance. My mother-in-law and mother started to want grandchildren all the time, and because I married someone I didn’t like, I didn’t want to have any rapprochement with my wife. I could convince her by constantly expressing that I was uncomfortable. My marriage lasted for 2 years and now I have no contact with him and his family for 1 year. I’m with my family and I’m alienated from my own family, my family tried to disrupt my life. I would like to make friends over the internet with humane people I can love and trust. My goal is to get married and be loyal to my home and my wife. Please do not reach for other purposes.

İlan sahibi en son 23 saat önce aktifti kendisine gizli mesaj gönderebilirsiniz. (GİZLİ MESAJ GÖNDER)